African American Hair Texture: Looking after Our Gift

African American hair comes in a nearly infinite range of textures, from curly to woolly, from kinky to wavy, from natural and thick to straight and streamlined. However whatever its texture, Black African American hair is a present that shows both our charm and our origins. Sadly, however, it’s typically beside difficult to feel good about our hair. Why? Because it seems like we’re continuously at war with it.

The Essentials

Eventually in her life (or lot of times throughout her life!) practically every woman wrestles with the concern of natural versus relaxed/permed. There are benefits and downsides to each, however whatever the option, it’s crucial to take care of your locks.

Great hair care starts from the inside out. That indicates consuming a well balanced diet plan to give your body all the nutrients it needs in order to black hair growth the healthiest hair possible. It also suggests drinking plenty of water, to offer your hair ( and skin) much-needed moisture.

The Comb/Brush

The next crucial element of hair care – regardless of your hair’s texture – is using the correct comb/brush. The fact is, the huge majority of combs and brushes are produced non-African American hair. The ideal tool for our hair is a combination comb/brush that is created so that the teeth quickly slide under our coiled hair texture. It’s like a detangler that works by rolling out the hair instead of pulling it out. In the process, it naturally conditions and relaxes hair, making it soft and easy to design or braid. This kind of comb/brush also keeps our hair healthy and helps avoid damage.

Next Steps

In addition to having the appropriate comb/brush, there are numerous other things you can do to help avoid breakage. First, use heat moderately, especially if your hair is permed. Second, don’t wash your hair frequently – every 7 to ten days is perfect. When you do clean it, use a leave-in conditioner. In between, rinse your hair once or twice a week (and particularly after a workout), and utilize a conditioner every day. And, don’t disregard your monthly deep conditioning treatment.

Embrace Your Texture

The hairstyles you select will alter throughout your lifetime, however the very best hair care advice is to embrace your natural texture and deal with it. Hair that is naturally curly will act very in a different way than hair that is naturally woolly. Likewise, super-kinky hair will respond in a various way to treatments than naturally wavy hair.

When you work with the texture you have, you can still have a variety of style choices available to you. But the key is that you will not be constantly combating nature; instead, you’ll be working with the African American texture you were born with and maximizing its charm. At the same time, you’ll have less damage and much healthier hair. The result? You’ll feel more lovely and project that self-confidence to the world. What could be better?